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For many of you it will sound like paranoia. But it is true. The world will never be like the one we have known.

Metaverse is the biggest thing ever happen. It is the disruption of internet and social media combined.

The big guys are building a new Universe 100% digital where we will have to live all of us. It is called Metaverse and they have put more than $1B on the table.

In this parallel universe you can be the person you always wanted to be and couldn't. You choose your gender, your race, your height and your body type. You make yourself custom.

In this Metaverse you can work, do business, entertain yourself, meet people, interact with your family (real or parallel) ... A second life available to everyone.

(My thoughts). By 2030, there will be more people plugged into this reality than the "old reality." So companies must go against the clock. By 2025, companies that are not operating their business models as digital businesses will be at high risk, and by 2030 they will be completely out of the market: Everything will happen digitally.

By then, there will already be entire generations that will only know this universe.

These generations will have been educated with online schools and universities, they will practice e-sports, they will only have and interact with friends on social media , they will consume basically via eCommerce, they will consume audiovisual content, and they will not leave their rooms.


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