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#50booksayear to reborn digital

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

We are experiencing some of the most important historical moments in our history as humans. Even greater than the French revolution, the industrial revolution or the understanding that the earth is not flat.

We are at the epicenter of the turning point between the old economy and the new economy. The digital age ceases to be the future to become the present. Many of us had predicted this for a few years, however, we never imagined that the change would happen in just a few weeks.

Who knows me knows that I am a strong advocate of reading as the only way to digitally transform people, professionals, and companies. Therefore, to take advantage of this period of mandatory confinement, nothing better than to start with the challenge of # 50booksayear.

The concept of # 50booksayear resides in my theory that if you can read 50 books a year about a certain topic, you will be able to master that topic. To do this, I am going to publish a summary week by week with my learning from my top selection of the 15 basic books to take the first step in digital transformation.

Are you ready? Follow me on my networks to not miss any of them and let me know your suggested books in the comment section.


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