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CryptoYield News #6: The Creator economy and Web3 Summer news summary.

CryptoYield News #6

It is summer and the perfect time to start learning web3 and go deeper into the new creator economy. This set of articles and links is all you need to catch up little by little with the web3 ecosystem. This newsletter compiles the very best of Web3 and the crypto ecosystem to help you learn and get involved with this new virtual Era.

Learning box for this week:

  • The Creator Economy: How We Got Here, and Where We’re Headed (Link)

  • Power to the Person (link)

  • The Creator Power Scale: A Formula to Determine if Platforms are Ripping You Off (link)

Best News of the week:

  • Ethereum Name Service Domain Registrations Hit All-Time High as Merge Approaches: More than 1.8 million ENS Domain names have been registered, and non-English speaking communities’ adoption is rising. (link)

  • Bitcoin Fanatic Michael Saylor Steps Down as MicroStrategy CEO: Saylor will stay on as executive chairman and says the move will allow him to double down on the company’s “Bitcoin acquisition strategy.” (link)

  • Gucci Goes APE: Luxury Brand Adds Bored Ape Yacht Club Token as Payment Option: After adopting Bitcoin and Ethereum, and making NFT and metaverse plays, Gucci is apeing in. (link)

  • Crypto Firm Chiliz Nabs $100M Stake in FC Barcelona’s Digital Studio: Chiliz has acquired nearly a quarter of FC Barcelona’s Barça Studios, enabling the club to build better NFT and metaverse projects. (link)

  • Santander to Roll Out Crypto Trading Services in Brazil: Spanish banking giant Santander will reportedly start offering cryptocurrency trading to its clients in Brazil, the firm’s CEO said. (link)

  • Unstoppable Domains Reaches Unicorn Valuation With $65M Series A Round: The Web3 startup behind NFT-based domain names is now valued at $1 billion as it expands its online identity push into reputation. (link)

Next Web3 events you cannot miss:

  • Web3 Tools for Business (Virtual) [8 Aug 2022] — Join the workshop and learn what makes Web3 great for your business, study best adoption practices and explore opportunities to enable your business with crypto. You’ll also get your own NFTs and learn how NFT airdrop works (link)

  • Crypto Meetup in Metaverse (Metaverse) [9–10 Aug 2022] — Make Better Crypto Decisions. Join us in the Metaverse to get an overview of the current trends in the Crypto industry. Learn about the upcoming ETH Merge and other events that can change the course of the industry forever. Get to know Best practices to prevent hacks and join a vibrant Web3 community. (link)

  • ETH Mexico (Mexico) [19–21 Aug 2022] — link

  • BlackSeaChain 2022 (Bulgaria) [31 Aug 2022] — BlackSeaChain 2022 brings together blockchain tech and business projects and professionals for a two-day educational and networking event. (link)

New start-ups WEB3 Launchpad.

  • Marblex — MARBLEX aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market with AAA titles. A well-established company with over 6,000 collaborative employees, including game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. (link to whitepaper)

  • DEFY — A Mobile move-to-earn game built on Polygon (link)

  • CryptoCitizen — CryptoCitizen is an upcoming NFT-based MMORPG game built on Binance Smart Chain. (link)

  • Muon Network — The decentralized Muon network is like a distributed supercomputer with a universal operating system. It will be run by a global community of node operators, all incentivized by the Muon token. (link)

Podcasts worth listening to this week.

  • Bitcoin as an Economic Bedrock with Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy (link)

  • How Will Inflation Impact Crypto? Lyn Alden and Mauricio Di Bartolomeo Explain (link)

  • Building for the Web3 Future with Mario Nawfal (link)

I hope you enjoy this edition! Subscribe for more.

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